Monday, March 9, 2009

After the interlude.....

With no internet access for four whole whopping days, I'm back!

I got so much done, it's purely amazing.

Our house is clean. Clean, man, not just de-cluttered, but clean. And, wait, this is ME we're talking about, but it's actually organized. My husband is living a dream. Throughout our marriage, he and I have not always seen eye-to-eye about the whole anal-retentive-cleanliness-orderliness of our home. My friends (you know who you are) would be oh, so proud of me! Steph, you can know you were the inspiration. After spending a few days in her home, I came away dying to have my house half as shining and tidy as hers. Finally, my enthusiasm for neatness matched Adam's.

It's so nice when that happens.

Steph's son has a bin labeled "Medium Cars." Wow. I assume there's a "Small Cars" and a "Large Cars" somewhere, but didn't look. I was too busy listening to Adam's raptures about how he was in apple-pie order heaven.

So, we came home. And cleaned.

Sort of unrelated, the following are from the scouring of the kids' craft area. I just can't believe we have a craft area now!





I never knew how pretty a pile of construction paper could be. Or how photogenic.


Emily said...

I like that black and white paper stack the best. cool looking.

Michelle said...

Very neat photo(s)!