Sunday, February 22, 2009

Memory Lane

I promised a stroll. Hopefully, I'll still have readers when this is all over.

While living in Korea, our family took a vacation with a Korean family to Korea's East Beach. I can be somewhat shy and reserved so when Adam first proposed this to me, my prompt response was, "Are you crazy??" The husband spoke some English, but his wife spoke none. How was I to survive a 3-day trip, crammed in one car with 7 people, 7 months pregnant with only very simple conversation to carry us through?

Smiles and gestures go a long way. That's all I have to say. This was a circus vehicle. Please don't ask where the car seats are. You don't want to know.


At the resort, we opted for Korean-style beds. I can't really remember why. That word, bed, is used very loosely. These had to be the thinnest mats. Ever. We also didn't run the air conditioner at night (that was standard practice in that country). Remember, I was 7 months pregnant? The nights were long.

Very long.


After our day at the beach, our friends asked us if we wanted to have seafood for dinner. Seafood! Oh, how good Red Lobster sounded at the moment. We went to the restaurant......where our dinner was swimming in the tanks surrounding the tables. Fish, sea urchin, sea cucumber and many others I didn't know the name of, were grabbed from the tank, whacked and layed out on a platter, then brought to our table.

Did I mention I was 7 months pregnant? I ate a granola bar. So did Emma. Owen was still game to all sorts of eats, and Adam was so sweet to take one for the team that he smiled and partook of a few things.

Our sweet friends, who loved all that spread, realized quickly (probably due to my green face) that this was not our dinner of choice. We drove to a different fresh seafood place where he picked up these beautiful fresh from the sea scallops. And we cooked them for a second dinner! They were amazing. And scallops have to be my all time favorite seafood. Cooked. Yum!



Emily said...

I like the wider format. I may have to change my blog YET AGAIN.

oh, and why didn't you like the sea urchin? ha! That's an odd food to look at and assume it should be eaten. What part of the spiney exterior says 'food' to people? haha.

Michelle said...

CUTE blog!
I'll follow you wherever you write! :-)