Saturday, February 28, 2009

Memory Lane goes on and on

I'm seriously hoping I haven't lost you all yet. I'm just having fun looking back at some of my favorite memories from my time of blogging that I just want to share.

That, and there just isn't anything going on here worthy of blogging about. It's February in Colorado. There's snow. That about says it all.

These precious people holding my chubby precious baby are basically the reason we were in Korea. I often wonder how they are now. It's funny how when you move, you lose track of people that may have been really, really important to you. I used to get upset over that fact. Now, after many moves, I realize it's just life. We'll meet in Heaven some day. Along with the rest of the Saints in Korea.

June 2007
Look at those baby blues......they still make me melt.


Fifi said...

Hello ..... I'm here with you! hehe

Yip he is enjoying a good cuddle there! I love all your pics!

Fifi said...

BTW .... your blog is looking good!
Have a wonderful week!

Michelle said...

Beth, your new blog is SO beautiful!
and I love the walk down memory lane! You are such a talented writer, and it's so fun to hear about your adventures- from Korea to Colorado.