Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Peel a Banana

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: A monkey can peel a banana.

I'll bet you don't know how to peel a banana the Korean way, though. Koreans truly knew how to present foods. Desert often consisted of, not pie or cookies, but fruit. Korean bananas tasted different to me, the texture was different was well. I used to hate bananas--hate, I tell ya. Being pregnant in a foreign country though sort of put a damper on my usually-adventurous response to all things food. So it was, that bananas became a staple to my diet.

Take a banana, any banana. I know people all like them different sorts of ways. I like mine a little on the unripe side, but just a little.

Lop off the stem end.

Then, take your knife and run it down one side of the banana, being careful to not pierce the flesh too much (that's the fruit's flesh. I need to take a note of that for my personal flesh, too, seeing as how I almost cut my finger off last week. Did I just say that in the middle of a food post? So sorry.)

Do the same to the other side.

This makes it easier to peel where you want to. Because presentation is all about it being the way you want it, right? Something like that.....

Peel off a little more if you need to, so you have half your banana nestling nicely in it's peel with the other half exposed to the cruel, cruel world.
Sorry, it's been a rough week.
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Ok! So, chop off the other end with your knife. No need to have that yucky black end part of the banana to look at. It's bitter, besides.

Then, being careful to not slice into the remaining peel, cut the banana into slices, leaving them in the peel.
Isn't that prettier than a bunch of banana slices tossed in a bowl? Well, it's at least different than a bunch of slices tossed in a bowl, ok?


Kysha said...

I would have never thought to post this. LOL! But it was very informative. I've never seen it done this way. Thanks!

Emily said...

that was totally clever!