Sunday, February 22, 2009


Welcome, if your coming over from my old sites!

Keeping two separate blogs, one for our family's online "photo album" and one for more of my own thoughts and ideas sounded like a good idea a long time ago. But, the more I do this blogging thing, I realize that my thoughts and my family are all jumbled into one. I actually found myself double-posting somethings, just so I would have them in both places. I realized I was doing a lot of extra work. Solution: combine into one blog! The name of my blog, Part of the Miracles, was even available as a blogspot address!

So, I imported them both into this one.

If you ever decide to do this, here's a tip. Don't believe blogger when it says there was an error while trying to import. Make sure of this yourself. Otherwise you might import a blog say, four times, then have to go back through 1,200+ blog posts, deleting the quadrupled posts. Not that you actually have 1,200+ blog posts, but once you import two blogs with 300+ posts each, four times.....well, let's just say you're in for a lot of tweaking, shall we?

But because I did have to go back through allllll those blog posts, I took several walks down memory lane. Which was actually quite nice. And sentimental. And, because I'm me, emotional.

Over the next few days, I'll be posting some of my favorites over the past 3 years. I realizemost of you all know we lived in Korea and New York, but maybe you haven't seen some of the choicest pictures from those times.

Like this one.

EWwwwww!! That'll do you till the next ones, I'm sure. Please come back, though, I promise that's the most disgusting one!! Ok, I can't promise that. But I think it is.

p.s. I kept my cooking site, From the Stovetop, and my project 365 site, A Shaft of Light, separate, because they are for a specific purpose. You can click on the links over to the right for these anytime.

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carrie said...

looks wonderful!!!

You'll have to tell me how you got that skinny sidebar. I've been thinking about that lately.

great job!!