Friday, January 30, 2009

Where the air is sweet

Back when I was an uninitiated, small-town girl, I didn't know why a song would have "where the air is sweet" in it. Wasn't all air sweet? Fresh and clean? Then I moved to Seoul, Korea. The air is anything but "sweet" on most days in the Spring. Smog is crazy bad. So bad it landed Owen in the hospital just 2 months after arriving in that city. A story for another day.......

New York was next. Compared to Seoul, the air actually was sweet most days, but, still. Auto fumes, cigarette stench, alcohol remnants from passersby anytime during the day. Garbage on the street. "Sweet" was not exactly the word of the day.

Life teaches us so many different things. Finally, I do understand that line in the Sesame Street intro song, "Where the air is sweet." Of course it's sweet on Sesame Street! Sesame Street is an entity unto itself, a place where people, animals and monsters of all walks of life converge, live together, are friends, family and neighbors. Not only that, they have fun together! And, get this, in the middle of New York City! I think that's why my fondness of this long-running children's show has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year and a half. It was my childhood standby. Now, it's my kid's standby. It's so cool when a segment will come up that has a place in New York and we can say, "Hey! I remember going there!" Really, how many places can you do that?

This was today's WOW! These uber cool benches were just blocks from our apartment. We would visit them several times a week. How cool was it that we saw them on Sesame Street today?

Sunny day, everything's A-Ok!
On my way to where the air is sweet,
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to
Sesame Street?

Do you just hate me now? You'll have that tune in your head allllllll day long.

You're welcome!


Fifi said...

What a wonderful post!..... Isn't it amazing how we can(or just HAVE to) adapt to the necessary environment!!!

Michelle said...

How fun!
I get a giggle when I see SanDiego landmarks that I've been to on various TV shows.