Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Think fast!

Seven-year-old's question for parents on realizing our Christmas tree is now sitting beside the garbage bin:

"What's going to happen to our Christmas tree now?" A slight wail is beginning in her voice. "Do they throw it in the trash?" Hysterical voice quickly replacing slight wail.

Think fast, Mom and Dad!

"No, honey." Voice calm and mellow. Very reassuring. "They grind it up and use it for mulch. You know, for the playgrounds."

Quiet in the backseat of the car, where all serious, life-pondering discussions take place. Then, "Oh, good. That's ok then."

Whew. A narrow miss. I look sideways at Adam, and he gives me a covert thumbs-up.

Parenting is sometimes all about lightening fast thinking skills. Because let's face it: Kids don't need to know all the hard facts of life about everything all at once.

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Michelle said...

Shew...quick thinking, Mom!
That photo of Emma and the pup is just precious!