Thursday, January 22, 2009

On hold

We started potty training my baby on Tuesday. I had such high hopes! I think this might be the third time we've tried in the past 6 months, but, honestly, I've lost track. He started out so well that first day. But tomorrow is Day 4 and if he doesn't have any more clue than he did on Day 1, I'll be happy to postpone this milestone a bit longer. I've come to learn that my baby just does things differently than my other two.

My first born and second were ridiculously easy as babies and toddlers. I'm embarrassed to say that with these guys I was always one of those parents who ran a silent critique of other parents. Unfairly. (I'm actually blushing as I write this!!) I seem to remember often thinking, "If they'd just ____ (fill in the blank with anything from "use this type of diaper" to "use this type of discipline") their child wouldn't act like that." sigh. I was so very, very unwise!

Fortunately, God knew this and, in His infinite and always perfect wisdom, gave me a child just nine short months into our stint in Korea. Shock! (Ok, shock came with the two lines on the pregnancy test, his actual birth was not, in fact, a shock. As a mother to other previously pregnant mothers, I feel the need to say this.) This particular child has not been that prototypical third child I always heard about. I am a third child, and according to my mom, besides making losing all that baby weight impossible, I was the easiest thing around. Wow, was I blindsided by my third! I now call him "My Humbler."

I never think those horrible thoughts about others now. Okay, I so wish that was true, but I still slip up. But if a comment does happen to slip into my mind, all I have to do is look at my little 2 1/2 year old urchin and I just swallow that ugly idea. I'm not perfect, and no one knows that more than myself. I'm thankful for my Humbler that God gave me, even though I often want to shriek and yell and pull my hair out because of his antics throughout every single day!

With all that confession said, I don't mind admitting temporary defeat and putting a pause on the potty training for now. Besides, all I'm really doing is training myself to get my baby to the potty every 30 minutes. Now, I ask you: Who is really being "trained" here, hm?


Michelle said...

LOL - Oh yeah....Katie is MY 'humbler.'

Julie and Joe - potty trained by 2 (Katie was 4) -
Julie and Joe - reading and counting before Kindergarten (I'll be glad if Katie knows all of her letter sounds by the end of the year.)

BUT - Katie could swim like a fish (even underwater) since she was a year old - and the older two are still afraid to even go in the deep end.

They are all 'gifted' in their own special ways. ;-)

As for potty training - we never 'pushed' it. It happened for each of ours in their own time, when they were ready. I'm glad I did it this way because ONCE they were ready we had NO regression/accidents afterwards.

carrie said...

I think we all have those moments where we blush at the parental judgment we used to carry towards other parents. I know I have.

Good luck with the potty training. My 2 older boys were pushing 4 before they went. It's normal.