Friday, January 16, 2009

My little miracles

"Did you know your clothes make sounds when they rub together?"

This was the first question I asked Adam when I first got my hearing aids, almost 7 years ago. "Of course!" he said.

Well, I didn't. No more than I knew that wind could be quite loud, foot-shuffling was extremely annoying and breathing heavily through the nose can be plain exasperating.

Fortunately, the irritating noises were soon balanced by my brain taking control over my new, bionic ears.

I've been without either one, the other or both of my aids for the past few months. I just received the second from the repair shop yesterday in the mail, and I can hear! Life is good! However, it had been so long since I had both in that, as I walked Winnie last night, I just couldn't figure out what that swishing sound was. I kept imagining cougars stalking us in the dark (that's actually not too far out of the question here). I finally remembered that clothes make noises when they rub together.

Hearing! It's novel!


Fifi said...

The things we take for granted!!!

It must be quite nice to take them out when the kids are screaming around the house though!!?!

Michelle said...

I didn't even know you wore them!

I have been wondering lately if I need to get my own hearing checked. I'm find myself asking people to repeat themselves a lot, and having a hard time hearing TV/movies/etc without turning them up quite loud.

That is funny about the clothes, though. I''m happy you were able to get them repaired!


carrie said...

well, I actually had no idea you had to wear them! I'm assuming you can hear something without them, but now I'm all curious!