Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Isn't all the hub-bub over this analog-TV-death-thing a little overdone? Is anyone else with me? Ok, granted, we have cable, but that's only because here in the mountains there is no such thing as bunny-earred reception. And we like football. And Sesame Street is pretty cool. Those are about the only things we watch, though, with the occasional Law and Order thrown in for good measure, but we have lived for extended periods of time without TV in the past. But, honestly, calling it "death" seems a bit on the extreme side, does it not?

All the commercials on right now about making sure you're "plugged in" and "ready for the change" seems overkill. (Did I just use the word "kill" in my argument about the term "death" for analog TV being absurd?) The fact that CNN said, " Senators, worried about the static they'll see when the plug is pulled on analog television broadcasts in the United States, had approved the emergency measure Monday and rushed it to the House floor for a vote Tuesday afternoon," really overdoes it, in my opinion. "Worried about the static?" Senators: find something more important to our country to worry about, please. Then do something about it.

How much more reliant on TV must our culture be?

Thoughts? Opinions? Am I just out of my mind?

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