Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Big Switch

Moving to Korea brought many, many changes for our family.
One of those changes was that Emma and Owen (then 4 years old and 20 months old, respectively) had to share a room for the first time. It worked out in the long run, but it was a tough transition, as any parent who has had to do this will tell you.
Long, drawn out bedtimes. Different sleep schedules and body clocks. Sound issues.
But, like I said, it finally worked itself out.
When we moved to a new apartment, right before Addison was born, they got their own rooms back, briefly. Then 1-month-old Addison decided he didn't want to share a room with his brother and back Emma and Owen happily went. And that's pretty much the way it's been.
Until last week.
Emma and Addison changed places.
Emma now has her own room, decorated just the way she likes it.

And Owen and Addison are in the "boys' room" now. They're enjoying it.

We were even crazy enough to switch Addison to a toddler bed while we were at it. Doesn't it look like it's working? He is just cool as a cucumber in his big boy bed. Yep. And he's not having any trouble at all staying in it and going to sleep. Nope, none at all.
Can't you tell??

The following situation is the result of no naps for 4 days. This picture was taken at 4:15 after 2 hours spent playing the nap-time-tug-of-war with Mommy.

As a side note, today he got it! Nap time was 3 hours long, I had to wake him, and bedtime was even fairly easy. Whew! We're getting there.


dianne - bunny trails said...

They all look so adorable. How precious for Emma to have her own girl place. I'm sure the boys will have some fun together. :D

Michelle said...

Too cute!
I started to think Annabell was on the verge of giving up her naps recently - but after 3 days of constant crabbing, I put her down for a nap yesterday...she slept for 4 hours! (I guess she really needed to 'catch up!) ;-)
So - we're sticking to our napping schedule! LOL!

Congrats to Emma on getting her own room! My kids all still share a room. I'm hoping some day we can add on - but for now no one is complaining. ( Bed time IS a struggle there is always much talking and giggling!) ;-)