Friday, December 5, 2008

Would you believe it if I told you?

This little cherub hit both his brother and sister today! Unbelievable. And, almost more unbelievable, to my own ears anyway, was what came out of my mouth as punishment.

"You can't go skiing today."

I mean, really? Yep. That's where we live. And you know what? I think it actually sank in. He cried. Hard. And continued to remember for the rest of the day. I can only hope it's a lesson learned.

Bonus: I have a new, useful punishment. HAAaaahaa!


Emily said...

Whatever works, eh? Skiing is fun. How exciting that you guys get to do it all the time there.

Michelle said...


I think I've used the...
"If you're naughty you can't go outside and shovel!" line recently.

(I never thought I'd hear myself say THAT!)

I haven't been skiing since high school. we don't have very big hills around here...but maybe that would work out perfect for me - LOL!