Friday, December 19, 2008

Trimming the Tree!

Our Christmas' past have been adorned with somewhat "un-traditional" Christmas trees.
In Korea, trees were scarce, and when we did find one, they were extremely expensive (like most everything else there). We came up with an alternative. It was fun, cheap and worked just fine. Especially as we were coping with an incredibly colicky newborn for the first time! Who wants to sweep up pine needles when they've been up allll night long?

New York City posed new challenges. Real trees technically weren't allowed in the residence halls and we didn't want to take up any more of the already tiny space in which we existed. (530 sq. ft. just doens't stretch very far, and we had already maxed it out with the 5 of us!) We opted for the paper version. It was fun, cheap and worked great. Again!

This year, however, we are blessed with space and a plethora of trees! We had intended to help out the forest service by trekking out and hunting down our own tree, but it was getting late in the month, the snow was pummeling us and the thermometer just kept going down!

Home Depot really does have a nice selection! And prices were better than I expected.
We have a REAL Christmas tree for the first time in our children's memories. Decorating was so fun and exciting. The ornaments are so very tempting, though, and the shiny lights and garland are posing a distinct self-control challenge for Owen and Addison alike!

It's alllllll worth it.

Another tradition we had started in Iowa the Christmas right before we moved to Korea was the Noel Advent Calendar. Emma and I made the nativity set and all it's components and then sent off for the story written by Noel Piper.
It's wonderful and we love it. The kids are enjoying each new piece every night. This picture was taken about a week ago, so we've added several pieces, but you get the idea.

The Noel Advent Calendar is from Desiring God Ministries (John Piper), but is not currently available. But next year, check them out! The story of Advent is written in such a sweet way, even Addison listens (sometimes!).