Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life with a DOG

Ok, I admit it. I'd forgotten how much work puppies were.

It's just like when you have a baby. Usually, the first few days in the hospital are so easy. There are nurses to help you. You're still recovering from birthing an entire new being into this harsh world. And, typically, the baby is still in that newborn sleepy state. Tell me you moms out there didn't think, at least once, this is easy! What were those crazy people talking about?? And then reality hits when you're home alone, bleary eyed, fighting exhaustion, not even able to comb the knots out of your hair.

Was that just me? I digress......

Puppies have that too. For the first few months, they just sleep. And when they are awake, they have all their brothers and sisters and mom to play with. Oh yea, that, and they're not at your house. Seriously. Visiting your soon-to-be-dog is not the same as having her in your home. Even if you visit often. Which we did.

Winnie is a ball of energy.

Or a ball of fluff that won't get up off her bum to do her business.

Depending on the moment.

Doesn't she look innocent? Don't believe it for a minute. Not one little minute!

At 6 am she's full of energy and bark. Ready to jump and love and eat and gnaw.

At 7 pm she's a slug. Nearly too heavy to lift at 25 pounds, it's hard to get her to anything she doesn't want to do.

Fortunately, we're all a little nuts about her.


Fifi said...

awww man.... she is beautiful!!! I'm not a lover of dogs, but she even got me oo-ing and aw-ing!!!


Michelle said...

Ooooh She is gorgeous!
(I remember those days all too well...) ;-)
Give that furry 'baby' a big hug for me!