Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm alone this weekend. Adam is on a hut trip, Emma's at a birthday party and Owen got to go skiing today with friends. He, obviously, is doing better today. (See here if you need an explanation for that one.) It's just me and Addison in the house, and it's his nap time. I have been playing with my blog, as you can see, when I should be picking up my messy, messy house!

An extremely rare shot of Addi sleeping. I don't take chances with his sleep.

Sleep has never been Addison's friend, really. When he reached a year old, things got better. But the past month has been exceptionally trying. 6:25 am on the dot is his wake-up time, which wouldn't be too bad, except it's not even light out yet! Not even close! But it's better, he was waking up a few times a night and not even going to bed without a fight. Whew! We're tired.

Today's wake-up was at 5:30am, which isn't a wake-up time at all, is it? After checking to make sure he was ok, we told him "Nite-nite" and shut the door. He cried for 2 mintues, half-heartedly. This afternoon for nap, he woke up sort of early, so I let him call, "MOM! MOM!" over and over, just to see how long it might take. He stopped short of half and hour and it was quiet.

So what did I have to do? Tip-toe down the steps to make sure he was really quiet. Who does that? A mom, that's the answer, I'm sure of it. And to top it all off and make me pay, as soon as I put the tea pot on, "MOM!"

He wasn't asleep afterall. BIG sighhh...........

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