Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gingerbread Houses!

Since we don't have any Christmas decoration up yet (I think this might be the latest ever), we've been doing Christmas crafts in an attempt to promote holiday spirit.

What's better than gingerbread houses?!

Have you ever done this? I hadn't attempted this since my 5th grade room mothers were crazy enough to do this with our class of 25.

I found a great recipe online for gingerbread house icing.
I wanted something that would taste good during the decorating process, but hold fast after it was all over.

Emma and I put the houses together and then we all pitched in for the decorating.

Decorating these houses was a ball! The boys ingested more string licorice then can possibly be good for you, but hey! It's Christmas!

This is the house Emma, Addison and Adam worked on.

And this is Owen's and mine.

As of today, they're still standing!
If I can figure it out, I might post the video we made to go along with this.
If I can stand the sound of my own voice.


Fifi said...

Beth.... those are fantastic!!! I do wish I could get those over here!

Anonymous said...

Super cute!
I love using graham crackers, too! (They are so much easier than real gingerbread!)

Great job kids!

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