Thursday, December 11, 2008

The chicken and the Egg

My boy was watching me make cake for cake balls. I was cracking in the eggs. Conversation is as follows:

My boy: "Mom, how do you make gwhite?"

Me: "Gwhite?"

My boy: "Yeah, the gwhite of the egg."

Me: "Oh, you mean egg (pause) white. It's not "gwhite" it's egg-white. And you can't make it, the chicken makes it."

My boy: "Oh." Thinking. Then, "Why aren't there chickens in there?" pointing to the shells.

Me: "No, honey, chickens don't come from eggs, eggs come from chickens." Pause. "Wait, no, chickens do come from eggs, but those eggs don't have chickens in them."

Another thoughtful pause as the mixer runs.

My boy: "But the chicken doesn't hatch the box at the same time."

Me: "Hmm?.........What box?" I'm obviously not really paying attention to my 4-year-old right at the moment. I'm surprised I even remember any of this conversation.

My boy: "The box the eggs come in. She hatched that after the egg."

I just nodded and smiled at this one. We'll get into the laws of egg-crate making another day. My brain was tired.


The Breedloves said...

man i miss owen....i miss him walking slow just so you had to carry addison and he could ride. Little maniuplator!

Anonymous said...

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