Monday, November 10, 2008

What I thought I knew

Way back when, in 2005, before New York, before Korea, before I realized I could live anywhere and eat almost anything, we lived in Iowa. Did you all know that about me? I went from Mid-Missouri, clear up to Mid-Iowa, and thought I would die.

I missed my mom. I hated the town, the state, Adam's job, the weather (I must note here, that I did, however meet one of my very dearest friends that I still have to this day, whom I need to call. Hi Pam!!), pretty much everything about my life there I hated. But the weather, oh heavens! the weather was atrocious! It would snow in November. It wouldn't melt. It would continue to pile up and pile up till I couldn't even get to my mailbox. And, the worst was that it didn't go away till March. And then after it had all melted and the ground was a soggy, muddy mess, it would snow again.

I swore (swore, mind you) that I would never, ever, live in a place where it snowed ever, ever again. I planned to move to Texas. (Have you noticed how many times I've said "I" in this post? Note that, it will come up again in a minute.) I was sick of snow, of cold weather, and if I never had to own another fleece top again, I'd be a happy woman.

Enter Korea. Yeah, it snowed there. Not as much as in Iowa, but Korea prides itself on having four seasons. So I dealt with snow. Next, New York City. You've seen the pictures. Yep, there's snow in the Big Apple. We were fortunate to have a relatively mild winter, however, and it only snowed a couple of times, which even I had to admit was pretty.

Then, in October of last year, Adam asked me how I would feel about Vail, Colorado. I laughed at him. Literally. I laughed at my husband. (Don't do that, ladies, ok? It's not fair or nice.) Where do I now live? You all know. Vail, Colorado. The place that boasts close to 400 inches of snowfall on the mountain.

I now realize that God was preparing me for each stage in life with each previous stage. It was not all about me. It was about Him, and my family, and how we were together. Iowa seemed a million miles away from my mom. It devastated me. Korea didn't seem all that far away after that. And the snow? The Snow is now apart of my life like never before.

We are approaching ski season. The time of year almost every single Coloradoan longs for, yearns for, can't wait for. And here I stand, somewhat trembling in my ski boots, nervousness mixed with anticipation. My kids are just thrilled. They'll be schooling their mama long before I even know how to go on edge (just kidding, here, I don't even know what that means, but I've heard the term knocked around a few times).

Here they are getting geared up with their first ever skis and boots. Excitement is bubbling, I tell ya!


Kim said...

I for one am jealous :) I hope that you find you love the slopes! Sorry I never called back last week-it was crazy! This week for sure though.

Emily said...

I miss the snow.


Pam said...

Yes, you do need to call me. But, I'll forgive you since I'm "the coolest thing from Iowa"!