Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween was fun. It started with a parade and carnival at school, went to trick-or-treating in Vail Village, and then onto a friend's house for chili and more trick-or-treating! All the kids had a ball, all the kids got too much candy, and all the kids are exhausted from the late night, the sugar highs and day light savings time.

In case you're wondering:
Emma is an Asian princess
Owen is a construction worker
Addison is Super Grover (from Sesame Street)

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Anonymous said...

Emma is Gorgeous! (Is that a wig or did you really dye her hair?!)
And super Grover How funny is that? They all look great!

Katie was "Spider-girl" and she wore one of Joseph's old costumes...the kind with the big puffy muscles, and then she had pigtails. It was hilarious!

We only had 8 kids come to our door so I have WAY too much leftover candy (Uh-oh! That's BAD for me...a mom with NO will power!) :-S