Monday, November 3, 2008

Day Light's Savings Time

It gets to the point, this time of year, that getting out of bed when it's pitch black is darn near impossible. When I went in to get Emma and Owen up last week at 7:05 am, Emma's exclamation of, "It can't be 7 yet!" was understandable.

Just in the nick of time is daylight savings time! Of course we forgot last night that it was that time of year again, and the kids got put in bed at their regular bedtimes. Fortunately, the sun was sufficiently behind the mountains till right before the new 7 am, so they were able to slumber so Adam and I could enjoy the beautiful sunrise.


My only beef: why must it now get dark at 4:30pm??

From the Stovetop: Red Lentil Soup and Flat Bread


carrie said...

xavier is really screwed up now. He gets up at 7:30, which is now 6:30. I'm not loving this.

Emily said...

I'm all messed up too. EAting dinner at 4:30 is weird.