Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yesterday was such a busy, busy day. I'm coming to the unfortunate conclusion that this is just life, especially life with a kid in school. I've always heard moms saying things like, "We're just so busy!" and "We're late for soccer because we had dance earlier then we're off to piano." I never wanted to be like that. Never. But, here we are. A month into school and already I feel like we're running around like crazy people. In all honesty, though, we only have one activity for Owen and Emma each, but somehow that's starting to be overload for my easily overwhelmed-self.

But yesterday was busy. It was Emma's birthday, so there were cupcakes for school, a small birthday celebration at school, a cake for the evening, small group at our house (which translates to cleaning), wrapping and opening presents and a friend over in the afternoon for a cupcake. Throw in a walk in the beautiful fall weather, and that's a recipe for completely forgetting about the write-up for the Vail Parent newsletter. So, late last night, I got something together for it. It's not my best, by far, but that Mommy Swiss cheese brain Carrie's always talking about, really exists. It's true!

Halloween week

A fall chill is in the air, and my thoughts turn to the first autumn holiday.Ahh, Halloween. Dressing-up. The excitement of a nighttime trek through the neighborhood. The sugar gorge at the end of the evening. The stomach ache all the next day. Remember when we were kids and our parents would walk leisurely in the street while we all ran around to the neighborhood houses asking for candy? Sometimes our parents knew where we were, but most of the time they didn’t. It was all good, safe fun. Now, I wouldn’t let me kids out of my sight, probably even making them hold my hand on that night of ghouls. Actually, does anyone trick-or-treat at night anymore? I think that, too, is a thing of the past in most communities. My middle son wants to be Darth Vader (which I find odd, as he’s never seen Star Wars), but my oldest daughter is stumped and the 2-year old is too little to care, but he sure won’t want to miss out on the fun. Whatever your plans for this All Hallow’s Eve, be sure to scroll on down for lots of Halloween ideas in our area.


carrie said...

I know what you mean about the busy thing. I always scoffed at those busy families claiming they just needed to cool their jets.

But while we're not doing all sorts of activities, I still find life to be moving at breakneck speed and I want off!!

I've heard it's not getting any better. I miss those slow quiet days.

p.s. nice fall piece!

Michelle said...

I hear you about the busy part.

We seriously cut back on the activities this year. Sunday school and piano - that's it! (Of course we're still constantly running with all of Katie's therapies...)

Get some rest!
(and I love the article!)