Friday, October 24, 2008

Normal doesn't have to be mundane

Normal life continues, and that's ok. Actually, it's good. I'm learning to trust God in our normal-ness. Maybe we'll throw a puppy into the mix to de-normalize us a little.

Yes, I just said "puppy."
We'll see...I don't know if I'm up for potty training two at a time.

A friend just recently told me that no one living in Colorado can be's just too dang cold here for normal. He's definitely right on the "cold" part.

Fall is waning. Wednesday morning we woke up to about 7 inches of snow. That was a shocker! I'm expecting it next month, but October 22? Nope.

We pulled out the snow boots, long johns and mittens real quick.

Almost all the leaves are gone, those left aren't very pretty. These were taken a week ago, before the snow.

We still have the promise of some warm weather coming up here this weekend. Hopefully all the snow can melt then, at least here in the valley.
And then it will dump on us, I know.

How cute are these toes?! This is Addison's new way of playing peek-a-boo.


Kim said...

Love the toe pic! A puppy?! We love Bailey to pieces but I always say that I'm glad we did the puppy thing pre-kids. I don't know if I could do it again right now!! So...when do the ski lessons begin?! That would be a little step out of normal for you! You have a year to practice before I come out to ski with you :)

Michelle said...

Cute toes!!!

It snowed here for the first time today, too. Sigh....

Oh least it's tea season again! ;-)