Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lulu in Labor

Meet Lulu. She belongs to my friend and neighbor, Penny. This precious dog is in LABOR!! Yep, there should be puppies in the very near future!

Labor began this morning with panting. Apparently, there's not a lot of difference in the animal kingdom when it comes to something as basic as birthing. There were no "hee hee hoos", but panting there was. And a lot of it. There was also quivering.

Poor gal, I hear ya!!

Origionally, the vet said there were 5 pups inside. A good number, I'm sure Penny's thinking.

Last week, after an x-ray, he said there were 7. Seven! Wow, ok.

Last night, the vet stopped by to see how she was doing, said he had looked at that x-ray again, and got to thinking there just might be 9. Nine?! Man!

Keep up the good work, Lulu!! I'll be posting periodically throughout the day. I know you all out there are just as excited about this puppy thing as I am, right?

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