Monday, October 27, 2008

Addison turns 2

Sometimes it's hard to remember him like this:

When he now looks like this:

Today is Addison's 2nd birthday!

We're celebrating with balloons.


"I'm 2!!"

And, yes, that is a pink blanket under him in that top photo. He actually spent the first 2 days of his life swaddled in a pink blanket, and he's no worse for the wear. Although, it did cause some confusion here in the States with some friends (*cough, Melissa, cough*). So, you can tell your husband that coral onsie won't hurt your new little one, Courtney.

Have some time? Your welcome to travel back in time with me and read about Addison birth in Korea here and here and here.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Addison!!

Michelle said...


I saw that - and I thought No WAY can he be 2! It was only just yesterday, wasn't it?

He sure has grown into a handsome little man, (and pink is my favorite color! - lol!)

Have fun being 2, Addy!