Monday, September 22, 2008

The Humbler

Transitions. Why do I dread these things so? Our lives are full of them, each and every day. So why the dread, the loathing, the avoidance? I, personally, don't like change, as my dear sweet husband will readily admit. It's not something I enjoy, but I'm certainly getting better at it.

With each kid, comes the transitions: sleeping through the night, potty training, switching from crib to big kid bed, getting rid of the passie.

Emma had a horrible transition with this phase, we left it too late. She was over 2 and still had it during sleep times. After we took it away there were two full weeks of crying at nap and bedtime, words such as, and I quote, "I-really-really-really-love-it!!!!!!!" No kidding. We felt like the worst parents, but what's new in the world of parenting. It's riddled with guilt, right?

We swore that would never happen again with another kid. And it didn't with Owen, he was easy in just about everything. 9 months came, he wasn't interested in it anymore, took it away, never minded. We thought we had this whole parenting-thing nailed after we had Owen.

Then came Addison.

I love this child to pieces, but BOY, is he a humbler!! Addi, very like his big sis Emma, loves, adores, cherishes his passie. Asks for it every time he lays down, giggles when we give it to him, his eyes light up just looking at the thing. It's something, I tell ya. Yesterday afternoon for his nap I couldn't find it, seriously couldn't find it. I told him, "Passie all gone!" Put up the crib railing and walked out.

He slept the entire nap time.

Bedtime. Adam did the same thing, "Passie all gone!" Crib rail up, walked out of room.

He slept the entire night.

So, what's up with this kid? Things that should be easy are hard. Things that should be hard are easy. He most definitely keeps me on my toes. And for that reason, he's The Humbler

Got a new soup for you From the Stovetop!


Michelle said...

(I'm embarassed to admit...Annabelle STILL has her "Nuk.") I also find transitions very hard. :-(


Emily said...

Yeah, just when us moms think we have an angel child...they turn a tad wicked. :) That keeps us on our toes though, right?

Kysha said...

He sounds just like Hip Rider. She definitely keeps me on my toes. She's very different compared to my other children. Dh would say it's just the Kysha in her. LOL

carrie said...

that's so true.