Sunday, September 21, 2008

First round with new camera

I realize there's nothing super special about these photos, but they were all taken with my fun new camera, so they ARE special, ok?! Seriously, with sick me and sick kids and numerous commitments at the moment, I haven't had a chance to really explore with my fun new toy, so for now, these are what I've got. But, I have to admit, I think they're pretty cute subjects!

This is one mad little dude.
The reason for the next shot? It was taken exactly 1.83 seconds after the shot above.
Yeah, he's that volatile.

And this very random shot is a just because shot. I've never been able to get a clear shot this close-up, so I took it just because I can!

1 comment:

carrie said...

looking good!! you look like you're having sooo much fun!